Build Your Own KM System

Master Modifiable Slides July 11 9

The Climate Web encompasses almost unlimited information relevant to understanding and tackling climate change, representing more than 20,000 hours of knowledge curation by the Climatographers.

We recognize, however, that many users may not need or want the entire Climate Web, and might want to be able to re-organize the information relevant to their topics of interest.

To that end you can purchase "slices" of the Climate Web that you can reconfigure however you wish. Topical slices can save you hundreds of hours of topical information collection and review, and you’ll be customizing your own knowledge system in minutes.

You can take advantage of Climate Slices using the Free version of TheBrain software, but you’ll probably want to take advantage of the Professional version for building out a knowledge management system.

You can purchase Climate Web slices here.

Note that if you don't see the topic, or perhaps a combination of topics you're interested in listed, we can easily make them available. Just contact us.