Premium Access

Premium Access to the Climate Web offers users two key advantages over Open-Access:

  • First, Premium Access allows you to download a read-only version of the Climate Web to your desktop, laptop, or tablet, resulting in a huge increase in speed, convenience, and functiontality. You have much more control over what you see on your screen, for example, and URLs and Videos open up within the Climate Web as opposed to having to click on external links. This is a BIG time saver.

  • First, Premium Access let's you quickly find some 1,000 specialized Dashboards in the Climate Web. Here's more Dashboard information.

As described above, you can see in the image below how the URL attached to that thought opens up automatically to the right of your screen, allowing you to read it there, watch a video there, or explore a website from within the Climate Web.

In fact, simply hovering your mouse over a thought will activate the URL as shown in the image below. This makes it possible to scan dozens of URLs and attachments in moments without having to even click on them individually.

If you’re accessing the Climate Web on-line (open access), on the other hand, you have to click on each thought individually to get access to its URL, and then click on the URL itself to open it in your browser, after which you have to close that tab and then return to the Climate Web’s browser tab. It certainly works, but it's a far less satisfying user experience.

Premium Access will save you an enormous amount of time, and you can utilize Premium Access with the FREE version of TheBrain software. The Professional version of the TheBrain software does offer you more options for visualizing, searching, and filtering Climate Web content as described here.

Purchase Premium Access here!