Master Modifiable Slides July 11 7

The Team-Brain version of TheBrain software is a powerful knowledge management and collaboration tool. Anyone with Team-Brain access to the Team-Brain copy of the Climate Web is able to modify and create content. The Climatographers don't allow wholesale reorganization of the Climate Web via Team-Brain access, but there are MANY ways you can take advantage of Team-Brain access:

  • to add your own (non-confidential) information
  • to copy and reorganize materials to better suit your needs
  • to build client and project-specific Dashboards
  • to build presentations or eBooks

All of the customization you can do with Team-Brain access can be shared with colleagues and/or clients through URLs that will take them specifically to the information you’ve organized for the purpose (they don’t need Team-Brain access).

Team-Brain access generally works best when one or two members of a team are designated as Climate Web super-users who then manage internal Team-Brain use. Other members of your organization can take advantage of free on-line or Premium Access in taking advantage of super-users’ work.

The Team-Brain version of the Climate Web continues to be updated and improved by the Climatographers, giving you the best of both worlds (the equivalent of more than a dedicated FTE updating and expanding the Climate Web, as well as the ability to customize the Climate Web to your own ends).

You can purchase annual Team-Brain access to the Climate Web here.