Your Own Climate
Research Department


To say there is a lot going on when it comes to climate change would be an understatement. Many individuals probably wish they had the time to track key climate topics, or a research assistant to help with that task. The Climate Web can be that research assistant, and even serve as a ready-made Climate Change Research Department for large companies, consultants, and law firms.

This micro-site does not focus on the contents and capabilities of the Climate Web. We have a separate micro-site you can access for that purpose through the Climate Web page at right.

In addition to the 20,000 hours spent building the Climate Web to date, ongoing updating and improvements are the equivalent of an FTE dedicated to tracking key climate topics.

The Climate Web is open-access, so anyone can take advantage of the information organized there. But utilizing the Climate Web on-line is not a particularly efficient way to use the Climate Web as your research assistant or research department; it’s both too slow on-line, and it takes several key strokes to do what takes just one with the downloaded Climate Web. In many cases, simply hovering your mouse over thoughts in rapid succession (and having their content pop up instantly) can substitute for hundreds of on-line key strokes in a single session.

The Climatographers have established several options to help you take the most advantage of the Climate Web. They are listed below, and explored further in the pages at right.

  • Premium Access is the simplest way to turn the Climate Web into your own research department. Downloading the Climate Web gives you much faster and efficient access, you can take advantage of more powerful features of TheBrain software, and updates will be pushed through to you. Access is read-only, but the Climatographers can personalize your access upon request, whether creating a “front door” for you or your organization, or Dashboards that help you use the Climate Web most efficiently.

  • TeamBrain Access gives you much more power over your climate change research department. You can re-organize information to a limited extent, you can add your own (non-confidential) information, you can create your own topical Dashboards and produce your own eBooks, all while benefiting from ongoing additions and improvements being made by the Climatographers to the Climate Web.

  • Build Your Own lets you purchase topical “slices” of the Climate Web for your own knowledge management (KM) system, or purchase a copy of the entire Climate Web representing millions of dollars of climate knowledge curation.

You can use the Free version of TheBrain software for the options listed except Team-Brain Access, but you might want to consider purchasing an annual subscription to TheBrain Professional given the power-user capabilities it opens up for you as described in more detail here. Note that when you first download the software you’ll have 30 days of free access to TheBrain Professional. After that it reverts to the Free version with its more limited capabilities.

If all you will be doing with TheBrain is accessing the Climate Web, the one-time payment option for TheBrain Professional may be sufficient. If you will want to start building your own Brains, which you almost certainly will, you might want to consider one of the annual payment subscriptions. You can compare the different license options here at TheBrain’s website, and feel free to send us questions to Note that the Climatographers have no financial interest in TheBrain software!

The Climatographers can provide Climate Web Super-User training as part of any of the options described above. In larger companies or advisory firms, selecting specific individuals to be power-users of the Climate Web makes a lot of sense. The Climatographers can also provide ongoing support as requested.